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Pollen Forecast 07981 :


The Clarity Parks Project™

This year, Claritin will be building parks in three communities to help kids discover the fun of spending time outside. With the help of a donation from Claritin® as part of the Claritin Parks Project™, these spaces will be transformed and their communities will enjoy the time outside.

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Rebuilding the Parks

Two years ago, The Clarity Parks Project™ embarked on a mission to restore a park previously destroyed by Hurricane Harvey. It was the first of a few restoration projects nationwide, Claritin® provided funds and support to help bring this park back to its full potential. The local community now can get outside and interact with flowers, vegetables, and herbs in their own sensory garden, and play on a level multi-purpose field.

Last year, parks in New Orleans, Austin, and Tulsa were impacted by natural disasters. With the help of a donation from Claritin® as part of the Clarity Parks Project™, those parks were rebuilt and their communities are getting outside again.

a collage of children gardening as part of the clarity parks project