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Smart tips from parents*

"Throw their clothes in the wash immediately after they finish playing outside. It will help reduce the chance of allergens and dust accumulating in your home!"

- Betsy, Mom from New Jersey

Smart tips from parents*

"As busy moms, we spend hours in our cars driving our kids. But we sometimes forget our cars collect allergens just like our home—especially from dust and pollen . Clean the inside of your car regularly to help reduce allergens in your ‘second home’."

- Rebekah

Smart tips from parents*

"Choose a day to thoroughly dust your home, including all air ducts, before winter comes. If you wait, the dust becomes trapped in the home, circulating for the long winter. "

- Missy Kay, from Michigan

Smart tips from parents*

"Always have a face mask in the fridge. It soothes the swollen eyes and helps relieve headaches."

- Amanda, from Ohio

Smart tips from parents*

"I highly recommend purchasing an air purifier. They actually help filter out allergy -provoking substances in the home during the allergy season."

- Ty, from California

Smart tips from parents*

"Have the kids take off their shoes at the front door to help avoid tracking pollen and allergens throughout the house. "

- Beth, Mom of 3